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School Information

dewsc The school has been established in the memory of Late Smt. Jankidevi, who took Samadhi on 31st January, 1999 at the age of 104 years. Jankidevi Public School is an architectural marvel, and a colourful imposing landmark, located at Sector-19 Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur. The school is run on recent educational concepts and techniques. It propagates moral values and imparts quality education to meet global needs.

The school offers activity oriented education and has sufficient extra curricular and co-curricular activities to provide happy and enriching experiences. There is special emphasis being laid on building a close relationship between the parents and the school authorities. Therefore parental co-operation is desired for promoting the growth and development of the students in academic, social and cultural activities. Active participation of parents at every level would definitely help in enhancing the prospects of the students in all spheres. We strive to develop competence, a sense of identity and compassion for others among our students. Our goal will be ever widening in times to come.

A completely secure and inspiring environment awaits our students at Jankidevi Public School. The school staff comprises of well qualified, experienced & motivating teachers, co-ordinators and supervisors, who strive for the emotional, social and intellectual growth of each child. A maximum strength of 36 students per class right from pre-primary upto Std. XII ensures individual attention for our students.

A plethora of activities along with the best educational facility, is what awaits our young toddlers in the beginning of their learning stage. Spacious, bright and well ventilated classrooms with colourful furniture provide an attractive and comfortable ambience. Equipments are regularly updated and upgraded to suit the requirements of the students.

At our school the teacher / student ratio is 1:18 for Nursery Jr. KG & Sr. KG, along with one maid per class, thereby helping each child to progress at his / her own pace. Assembly is conducted every day. Children enjoy activities like playing with educational toys, puzzles, blocks and stuffed toys in a very comfortable atmosphere in the large playroom with cushioned mattresses. Since music and art play an important role in thinking creatively, we have special art and music rooms. We also have a specially designed Library and a Computer Room for pre-primary section. Field-trips organized on a regular basis provide opportunities to learn by experience. Special days like recitation day, story telling day and smiling day help an overall personality development of the child. Birthday celebrations in school make each child feel special.

Constant efforts towards upgradation in education makes us different. CBSE & CAMBRIDGE curriculum has been introduced in all classes from std I to std XII and will be extended to subsequent classes as a process of natural growth. The school ensures that learning becomes a pleasant experience. Subjects like Art, Craft, Music, Games, Swimming, Martial Arts, Gymnastic, Computer Education, Value Education & Vocational Training refresh the minds by breaking the monotony of the hardcore subjects. The entire school is under survelliance and is monitored by the Principal & Section Heads with the help of close circuit cameras.

Jankidevi Public School is a modern educational institution with an international perspective. The school incorporates in its milieu, all that is universally good in thoughts, words and deeds. It stands for secular and ethical values and enlightens the students in a way that permits the students to grow up without any prejudice. The school pursues an academic procedure with a view to ensure excellence in curricular, Co-curricular and extra curricular activities. It is our endeavour to make education a meaningful and a pleasant experience.

The school is managed by the Principal, Supervisors and a well qualified teaching staff. The overall supervision of the School is done by the School Committee comprising of the trustees of Jankidevi Educational Trust, the Director of Education and the Principal. It is guided by the Academic Council which includes Director of Education, Educational Consultant, Principal and Supervisors.

The School building provides a full fledged infrastructure for curricular and co-curricular
activities. It also has a vast campus with facilities which are essential for the all round development of the students. The school maintains a very high standard in terms of modernity and discipline.

School is affiliated to CBSE Council from STD I to STD XII. Our first batch of Std. XII has already appeared in the CBSE Board Examination in 2014 and passed with flying colours. We are an authorised C.I.E. centre offering Cambridge Primary programme which will be extended upto A and As level in IGCSE board.

Latest Events & News

sanskriti nov 2019

  Sanskriti 2019-20  Celebration   A two days mega event Sanskriti 2019-20 was organized among Fun-N-Fiesta in the beautiful campus of Jankidevi Public School. Sanskriti 2019-20 hosted ...



"Ikebana" the art of Japanese flower  arrangement was organized in Cambridge


Republic day 2018-19

 Republic day 2018-19 70th Republic day of  India was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism. Programme started with Flag hoisting, followed by flag and national songs. Children ...


Swachh Bharat Excellence Award

“Swachh Bharat Excellence Award”   Ten students bagged “Swachh Bharat Excellence Award” in November 2018 by National Education and Human Resource Development Organization.    



JAMBOREE-2018 (JAIPUR IN JOY)   Jankidevi Public School, Jaipur cordially invites you to the WINTER FETE (JAMBOREE – 2018) to be organised in the school on the 22nd December 2018. ...


Sports Day 2019

                                               ANNUAL SPORT DAY (2019-20)  The annual sports day of Jankidevi Public School highlighted the spirit of fitness and agility with an aim to ...



An experimental learning Anubhav camp a two day experimental learning, activities was held on 18th March and 19th March 2018, near 27 students of Jankidevi Public School participates in ...


Our Mission, Philosophy & Aims

Jankidevi Public School’s primary mission is to produce good and virtuous citizens to enable a human-centric intelligent society. We endeavour to formulate the persona of the students by providing holistic education, including an integrated multidisciplinary curriculum comprising facts, skills, physical discipline, music and art.
Jankidevi Public School has carved a niche for itself with a succinct philosophy “Think big, think different, think ahead and aim for the best.” Children learn best with freedom from coercion. The pedagogical process is framed keeping in mind its utilitarian and moral function which encourages not just the acquisition of knowledge but also promotes independent, creative and analytical thinking.
We at Jankidevi Public School aim to develop young people into free, intelligent, emotionally integrated, morally strong, scientifically tempered and healthy young men and women of tomorrow. In short, we aim at proper integration and harmony between feeling, thinking and doing. Our special emphasis is to generate interest which is the best stimulus for learning rather than external motivation such as grades. We aim at a spiral curriculum which posits the idea that a curriculum should revisit basic ideas, building on them until the student has grasped the full formal concept.

Principal's Message

sample image In the always changing scenario of school education system, we endeavor to formulate the persona of the student by providing holistic integrated multidisciplinary curriculum with facts and skills. The school offers activity oriented education and provides enriching learning ... Read More

Chairman's Message

sample image The world is changing rapidly and throwing up unprecedented challenges in every sphere of life. Rapid advancement in science and technology is necessitating reforms in the education system. A vision without action is only a dream and action without vision, a waste... Read More

Mentor's Message

sample imageEach one of us has a unique mission in life that only we can fulfil. A clear sense of purpose gives rise to courage and wisdom, which helps us to see things in their true perspective. Discovering this purpose or mission is a lifelong task. Nothing is more crucially important today ... Read More

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