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Language Development
Saturday, March 06, 2021



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Language Development Programme

Jankidevi Public School works towards the overall development and well being of students. To be successful in this competitive world, one needs to have a good command on English language, which is a global medium of communication, and have a pleasing personality. To give our students an edge in this ever changing global scenario, we conduct a ‘Language Development Programme’ for them.

This Programme is conducted by Mrs. Mamta H. Dua, who is a trainer and examiner for the examinations of Trinity College London, The International Examinations Board. She and her team specially come from Mumbai, every year in the months of April and May, to help Jankians excel their English Elocution and Conversational Skills.
The four essential pillars that contribute to one’s confidence and eventually shape up one’s personality are one’s attitude, general awareness, etiquettes and language. The precise goal of this programme is to sharpen these four pillars and make young Jankians confident global citizens.

Language Development Programme is a comprehensive course that works towards the holistic development of students by improving their language, grooming them with right mannerism, inculcating qualities like public speaking, enhancing their overall communicative skills, building up their confidence and thus enhancing their personality.
This is achieved through a well designed curriculum that includes reading, recitation, group discussions, presentations, audio visual methods and other play way activities.
Etiquettes and mannerisms are also an integral part of this programme. The aim is to make the students well- mannered, courteous and polite. Students are also taught table manners and dining etiquettes.

Through this programme we also try to inculcate the habit of reading. Reading is the best way to improve vocabulary. We introduce are students to the pleasures of reading through age-appropriate books. We introduce young minds to the genius of Roald Dahl and help them explore the magical world of Narnia. We also help them enjoy contemporary authors like Rick Riordan and Anthony Horowitz. and appreciate English classics. They also learn to write book reviews and express opinion on movies based on books.
Through this programme we also try to make the students more responsive, well-versed, sensitive and informed. This is done by inculcating the habit of reading newspapers. Group discussions on current affairs, exchange of views, outlooks and ideas create general awareness and students have a healthy exchange of information and opinion, thus giving them the ability to converse on any topic under the sun.

To sum it up, the Language Development Programme is a comprehensive course that includes personality development and public speaking with language as the base. Through this programme we inspire the students to read, trigger their thirst for knowledge, motivate them to be more aware and informed, make them more courteous and polite, improve their self confidence, enhance their public speaking skills and thus ensure that they have a pleasing personality and become confident global speakers of tomorrow.

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Jamboree 2014

The JPS family celebrated “JPS Jamboree 2014” on 1st of Feb 2014, the first winter fest of its kind. The event was adorned with fun filled programmes. The fest was inaugurated by Mr. Kirori Lal Meena accompanied by Chairman Sir Mr. Narendra Verma , Principal Ms. Jayashree Pareek, and the staff and students of JPS. The logo of JPS Jamboree 2014 was released with a bunch of balloons carrying the message of peace and happiness to higher and farthest distances of city Jaipur.

The main attraction of the event was Mr. Anil Kapoor, internationally acclaimed actor from Bollywood.

The highlights of the event were the interschool competitions held at the School Auditorium and various stalls of food, games, traditional items of Jaipur put up at the JPS grounds. The inter school competitions were planned and designed keeping the talent and potential of the upcoming brigade of students. The prizes for the contests were a strong motivation for the participants. There were four categories under which the students and teachers participated. The pre-primary students displayed their talents through Cutie Beauty round which had a 1st prize as a Tablet. The Hansgulla contest for the Primary class students had a computer printer as a 1st prize, the Chotta RJ winner won a cellphone and the Rock Star teacher won a microwave as a 1st prize. The 2nd and 3rd prize for the contests were a gift hamper. The winners were also awarded with certificates, trophies and bouquets. The trophies were sponsored by Mr. Anoop Bartariya one of the shareholders of World Trade Park which is a very renowned landmark of Jaipur City.

The presence of Mr. Tinu Verma, Shri Pratap Singhviji (Politician) and other dignitaries from Jaipur and Mumbai made the event a gala and grand affair for the people of Jaipur city. The programme was concluded, by the lucky draw prize distribution which had an LED T.V (24 inch) as its main attraction as the 1st prize, promising the students and parents for more entertainment in the coming years of “JPS Jamboree” celebration.

Inaugurating Jamboree.jpgInternational Star Mr. Anil Kapoor at Jamboree.jpgJamboree felicitation.jpgMass celebration - Jamboree.jpg

Grand Parents Day

Every year we celebrate Grandparents Day with great pomp and show. We invite grandparents of our kindergarteners and entertain them with a cultural programme.

Little Jankians delight their grandparents with songs, dance, rhymes and a host of scintillating performances.

It’s a day for thanking grandparents for all their love and affection and create memories that the young and old will cherish all their lives.


Entertaining Grand Parents.jpgEnthralled Grand Parents.jpgImitating Grand Parents.jpgScintillating Performance for Grand Parents.jpg