Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Jamboree 2014

The JPS family celebrated “JPS Jamboree 2014” on 1st of Feb 2014, the first winter fest of its kind. The event was adorned with fun filled programmes. The fest was inaugurated by Mr. Kirori Lal Meena accompanied by Chairman Sir Mr. Narendra Verma , Principal Ms. Jayashree Pareek, and the staff and students of JPS. The logo of JPS Jamboree 2014 was released with a bunch of balloons carrying the message of peace and happiness to higher and farthest distances of city Jaipur.

The main attraction of the event was Mr. Anil Kapoor, internationally acclaimed actor from Bollywood.

The highlights of the event were the interschool competitions held at the School Auditorium and various stalls of food, games, traditional items of Jaipur put up at the JPS grounds. The inter school competitions were planned and designed keeping the talent and potential of the upcoming brigade of students. The prizes for the contests were a strong motivation for the participants. There were four categories under which the students and teachers participated. The pre-primary students displayed their talents through Cutie Beauty round which had a 1st prize as a Tablet. The Hansgulla contest for the Primary class students had a computer printer as a 1st prize, the Chotta RJ winner won a cellphone and the Rock Star teacher won a microwave as a 1st prize. The 2nd and 3rd prize for the contests were a gift hamper. The winners were also awarded with certificates, trophies and bouquets. The trophies were sponsored by Mr. Anoop Bartariya one of the shareholders of World Trade Park which is a very renowned landmark of Jaipur City.

The presence of Mr. Tinu Verma, Shri Pratap Singhviji (Politician) and other dignitaries from Jaipur and Mumbai made the event a gala and grand affair for the people of Jaipur city. The programme was concluded, by the lucky draw prize distribution which had an LED T.V (24 inch) as its main attraction as the 1st prize, promising the students and parents for more entertainment in the coming years of “JPS Jamboree” celebration.

Inaugurating Jamboree.jpgInternational Star Mr. Anil Kapoor at Jamboree.jpgJamboree felicitation.jpgMass celebration - Jamboree.jpg