Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Table Mannerisms

We at Jankidevi Public School work towards making our students more aware and informed. We don’t believe in rote learning and whenever possible try and give our students a firsthand experience in learning.

We already conduct the Language Development Programme, which is a comprehensive course that includes language skills and personality enhancement. The programme ensures that our students carry a pleasing persona with a good command on English language.

To polish their skills and personality further we trained our students in Table Mannerisms and Eating Etiquette at the BEST FIVE STAR HOTEL in Jaipur, ‘THE MARRIOTT’.

The aim was to introduce our students to the Five Star Culture by giving them a tour of the property. We had also arranged for a lecture on Table Manners, where they were taught dining etiquette and the usage of different crockery and cutlery during the various courses of the banquet. The children could immediately apply, what they learnt, by having a scrumptious meal there.

It was the most enriching, inspiring and memorable experience for our students.


Learning dyning etiquettes and mannerisms.jpgLearning to be an epicure at the Marriott.jpgLifestyle tour at Marriot.jpg