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Date: 31/10/2017

PTMA – Fee Level Committee Meeting Minutes


  1. Sir wished every happy members a diwali (belated) and welcomed every body.
  2. Previous PTMA minutes were given to the PTMA Members
  3. Ms. Rakhshanda H. Khan read out the minutes of the last meeting and took the approval of the same.
  4. Sir spoke about demonetization and rolled back the proposed fee hike last year for the academic session 2016-17.
  5. He spoke about keeping the mobile of parents but to be deposited for PTMS during Annual Day etc to ensure safety & security of the students.
  6. Mr. Prabhat Misra said you should educate in silent mode and train the guards for safety rules and that discipline code should be followed.
  7. Ms. Aparna Garg said if a Mic(Sound system can be installed in the pre-primary + primary washroom)
  8. Sir said that they will come to know (Students) about the mics in the washroom therefore its better to install the mics in ground & 1st floor washroom for pre-primary & Primary.
  9. Ms. Deepti said why we provide junk food in cafeteria and stop it in school(classes)
  10. Sir said we are looking for these food item to be served in a  healthy and nutritious form.
  11. Sir spoke about committees and asked if they are in place so Ma’am  said we will be meeting for the same and this will be also a good feedback about how we are going with our policy and planning.
  12. Sir said last we need to discuss about the fee hike 10% and all agreed he said I did not touch transport for 3 years so I went for it last year and this time we go for fee hike so that alternate hikes in separate area does not bother parents much financially.
  13. Sir spoke about security measures as a priority and to have a mock fire drill 3ice a year and invite the PTMA Members for it.
  14. Dr. Garg said Helmets & license should be allowed with scooty & only for XI & XII
  15. Students should be discouraged to drive cars from home to school.
  16. So Ma’am said we discourage this practice.        




Chairman                                -        Mr. Narendra Verma

Secretary                                 -        Mrs. Jayashree Pareek

Members (5 Parents)              -        1. Mr. Anuj Kumar Saxena

                                                     2. Mrs. Dr. Aparna Garg

                                                         3. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

                                                         4. Mr. Prabhat Misra

                                                         5. Ms. Deepti


Members (3 Teachers)           -        1. Mrs. Rakhshanda Hafeez

                                                    2. Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma

                                                    3. Mrs. Swati Sharma