Monday, February 17, 2020
Our Staff
Name of Candidate Designation          
Date of Birth Date of Appointment Tranied / Untrained Probation / Confirmation Adhoc / Part Time
1 Jaishree Pareek Principal 23-Nov-1952 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
2 Charu Bhargava Admin Coordinator 16-Jun-1974 13-Mar-2008 Trained Confirmation  
3 Sushmita Ghua Secondary Supervisor 10-Dec-1969 01-Jan-2011 Trained Confirmation  
4 Nupur Sharma Primary Supervisor 11-Jun-1979 10-Jul-2013 Trained Probation  
5 Aanchal Gupta Reception 29-Jan-1993 01-Aug-2012 Trained Probation  
6 Vijaya Majumdar PGT 09-Jan-1974 02-Apr-2012 Trained Probation  
7 Vartika Mishra PGT 02-Feb-1980 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation Part Time
8 Neera Singh Consolidate/PGT 01-Jan-1976 01-Sep-2012 Trained Probation Part Time
9 Naveen Sharma PGT 02-Dec-1975 01-May-2012 Trained Probation Part Time
10 Pawan Sharma PGT 28-Aug-1984 01-May-2012 Trained Probation Part Time
11 Sanjay Saxena PGT 02-Nov-1960 01-Sep-2012 Trained Probation Part Time
12 Deepa Mathur TGT 08-Oct-1966 05-Apr-2010 Trained Probation  
13 Pallavi Makkar TGT 16-Nov-1982 04-Jul-2011 Trained Confirmation  
14 Jyoti Harit TGT 03-Oct-1984 04-Jul-2011 Trained Confirmation Part Time
15 Kamlesh Sharma TGT 21-Mar-1953 01-Apr-2008 Trained Confirmation  
16 Kavita Singh TGT 21-Sep-1977 01-Apr-2008 Trained Confirmation  
17 Seema Nagpal TGT 16-Jun-1979 15-Jul-2010 Trained Confirmation  
18 Rajesh Nair TGT 09-May-1974 01-Jan-2011 Untrained Confirmation  
19 Manoj Kumar TGT 15-Nov-1981 01-Jan-2011 Trained Confirmation  
20 Sandhaya Roy TGT 01-Jan-1975 01-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
21 Deepak K. Panekar TGT 04-Aug-1974 23-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
22 Rumani TGT 24-Jan-1984 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
23 Ite Gupta TGT-Consolidat 17-Oct-1981 04-Jan-2010 Trained Confirmation  
24 Malvika Shrivastava TGT 02-Mar-1973 09-Jul-2013 Trained Probation  
25 Shailendra Jadawat PRT 03-Jan-1979 01-Jul-2010 Trained Confirmation  
26 Aarti Singhal PRT 10-Jan-1982 19-Apr-2010 Trained Confirmation  
27 Nidhi Kapoor PRT 21-Jan-1977 16-Jan-2012 Trained Probation  
28 Monica Bhutani PRT 07-Jul-1979 01-Jan-2011 Trained Confirmation  
29 Reena Juneja PRT 16-Jul-1976 01-Jul-2008 Trained Confirmation  
30 Christine PRT 17-Jul-1976 02-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
31 Pooja Ahuja PRT 17-Jul-1983 02-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
32 Sonia Thomas PRT 19-Mar-1986 17-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
33 Maya Dhapola PRT 11-Jun-1982 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
34 Sereesha Ravi PRT 29-Nov-1976 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
35 Nadiya Khan PRT 04-Jun-1988 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
36 Neha Singh PRT 28-Jul-1988 01-Apr-2013 Untrained Probation  
37 Surjeet Kaur PRT 29-May-1987 08-Jul-2013 Trained Probation  
38 Rekha Yadav PRT 10-May-1990 03-Sep-2013 Trained Probation  
39 Meenakshi Choudhary PRT 12-Sep-1979 01-Apr-2011 Trained Confirmation  
40 Aarti Chaman PRT-Consolidate 22-Jan-1977 01-Apr-2013 Trained Probation  
41 Mahendra Panchal Lab Assistant 04-Mar-1973 01-Jul-2013 Trained Probation  
42 Shashi Singh Gym 11-Oct-1984 01-Aug-2008 Trained Confirmation  
43 Sunita Punia Gym 01-Jan-1983 02-Jul-2012 Untrained Confirmation  
44 Bharti Arjani Library 12-Aug-1983 04-Jan-2010 Trained Confirmation  
45 Nimmi Mahendra Music 16-Jan-1970 01-Jul-2008 Trained Confirmation  
46 Hemant Dubey Dance Teacher 13-Jul-1989 07-Jan-2013 Untrained Probation  
47 Ankita Dance Teacher 22-Jul-1989 01-Apr-2013 Untrained Probation  
48 Amardeep Soni Martial Art Coach 15-Jul-1981 01-Apr-2008 Trained Confirmation Part Time
49 Narendra Chouhan Martial Art Coach 16-Sep-1989 08-Jul-2013 Trained Probation Part Time
50 Surbhi Primary -Consolidate 09-Oct-1989 24-Dec-2012 Trained Probation  
51 Rupal Bhutani Primary / Part Time 07-Jul-1986 24-Dec-2012 Trained Probation Part Time
52 Swati Sharma Pre-Primary 08-Nov-1974 01-Aug-2011 Trained Probation  
53 Kanika Mathur Pre-Primary 26-Nov-1988 02-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
54 Swati Gangwal Pre-Primary 15-Oct-1983 02-Jul-2012 Trained Probation  
55 Mona Sharma Pre-Primary 14-Dec-1973 08-Jul-2011 Trained Confirmation  
56 Nirmala Rathore Pre-Primary 01-Apr-1975 09-Jan-2013 Trained Probation