Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Message from the Principal

sample imageIn the always changing scenario of school education system, we endeavor to formulate the persona of the student by providing holistic integrated multidisciplinary curriculum with facts and skills. The school offers activity oriented education and provides enriching learning experience along with instilling in deep sense of appreciation for our culture and our country. Our aim has been to give our students ample of opportunities to enjoy, learn, innovate and grow with quality education. The value system instilled in us provides the guiding force affecting the life of our students in a positive and uplifting way. Dynamism and dedication are at the core of every aspect of development helping the children to unfold their hidden talent and caliber to acquire flair and fluency in different faculties. The constant feedback from the parents has helped us immensely to successfully blend human values and modern education. We aspire to use the present education policy to the maximum to benefit our upcoming generation and provide the nation a brigade of educated and aware minds.

 Ms. Jayashree Pareek

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